Free Time Card Calculator for Excel 2007 – 2016

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This free time card calculator is a document which is very helpful and useful to anybody who wishes to keep a tight and well informed schedule of their employee’s work hours. It’s also necessary in a sense that you will be able to base their salaries on how long they’ve been staying in and how many days they’ve spent on overtime.

Our free time card calculator is a very nifty and accessible type of template because it caters to all of your needs and it uses certain details and data that would’ve been overlooked in other templates.

Time Card Calculator

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Time Card Calculator


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Looking at the time card calculator, you’ll notice that there are many minor details that may not seem very important to other employers but can be very useful if given to the right person with the right mindset. All these minor details will play a great role when it comes to calculating the entire payroll of your employees, which is what most employers would really want to practice. Now, the first thing you’ll see in this template are the required information at the beginning. The company name along with the address, city, state ZIP code and phone will be specified accordingly, because this is one of the most important details of the entire document. It gives the document originality and authenticity. Now, the next thing you’ll see are the details about the employee themselves, such as the employee name, the staff no., the department, and the manager name. On the right side, you’ll see the breakdown of the salary, just in case you get a little confused or forget a few details. But first, you’ll be the one to fill in such details.

On the lower half of the time card calculator, you’ll see the table. Now it’s only set for one week but through this one week, you’ll already find a bunch of details that are vital and important to the automatic calculator system. It is highly encouraged to have anything automatic, because it decreases the chances of anything being biased or erroneous. The table talks about the date, along with what day that was, the time in, when the lunch break began and ended, the time out, and the total hours that employee worked. On the very bottom of the template, you’ll see the automatic calculator which calculates the hours and then the corresponding pay. It’s very helpful for some people to have this automatic template because it gives them less work and less errors when it comes to calculating the whole payroll for their employees. It’s also highly helpful in a way that it gives more satisfactory results if you use this automatic calculator instead of the manual one.

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