Free Time Card Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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Time is of a very valuable substance, which is why most people are often scrambling in order to allocate their schedules accordingly to the time that they have left. Now this is the reason why most employers or employees require a time card in the first place because it helps to keep track of their performance in their work environment. And this is one of the main reasons why we offer to you our free time card template.

This free time card template is something that we encourage you to have, regardless if you are an employer or an employee. Now most businesses will probably provide one for you but it doesn’t hurt for you to have one for your own usage as well.

Time Card Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Time Card Template


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The time card template is very important for most people because it helps to keep them on track of things that they might not notice during moments where time will pass by them. It can also be a basis for you to have when you have complaints about your payroll, because your pay is based solely on the hours that you’ve walked in for your work, depending on the time you entered and exited. Through this, you’ll be able to keep up with how much your payroll should be, because most people have an issue of that. Through this template, you won’t have that much of a problem any longer because that’s the whole point of this template in itself. Now on the side of the employer, it will be highly appreciated for you to have this because it offers transparency for your sake and the employee’s under your wing as well.

The time card template has a very easy design and structure for you to follow. Most people might complain about there are many numbers to take note of but it’s highly important for you to follow the path of these numbers because this will lead you to the proper calculations of the payroll of the employee. Now there are two sheets to this template. The first sheet is basically the table for all the details and data that you’ll need to store in. First of all, this template isn’t necessarily used in order to breakdown all of the hours into money. It will only help with that. This template is meant to keep track of the hours that your employee has given for their work. So the first sheet basically talks about the time. In the first sheet, you’ll see that there’s a space meant for the information about the employee and the company that they’re working for, along with the total current about the normal working hours, the overtime hours, and the total hours. Afterwards, you’ll be given the table meant solely for the date, the time in, the time out, the total hours, the overtime hours, the regular hours and some notes to keep track of this. Afterwards, there’s a total of those details at the very last part. In the second sheet, you’ll be given a whole separate part meant solely for the company info. Through this template, you won’t have any problems regarding time management.

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