Free Timesheet Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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As for businessmen in almost all companies, it is a common courtesy that you should not just only consider the growth of your business but you should also take into the consideration the sake of your employees. They also have the right as workers and they should have the proper and valid papers to justify their work. Of course, they are the ones that also make your company run and work. If you are deemed businessman who aims to have a good employee-employer relationship with your workers, then you should start considering the benefits and must-do list for them by now. This is now where you can give them the right to monitor their duties, by using our free timesheet template.
Through our free timesheet template, an employee can keep track of his work by seeing to it that all his schedules for work are filled out or at least they will have the idea about their performance in their job. This template will truly help them personally since they will be the one to fill out the tables.

Timesheet Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

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A timesheet template is of great importance for all employers and employees. Given that we are now living in a fast-paced world, time is one of the most valuable things we should not be wasting. This is the reason why this template should be used. This will not only help you organize your schedules of appointment but to also follow up your time to save your efforts. This does not only give concern to your total working hours you have accomplished within the day but this also does calculate your payment that should be equivalent to what you have accomplished with your work.
This timesheet template is of vital importance because aside from allowing you to organize the information you have to fill in the table, this also stands as a validated evidence of your work. This template is less hassle than any other template because the structure is easy to follow and you can easily comprehend what is on the table. In this table, you will find information to fill out such as your name being the employee, the department you are assigned to, your manager’s name to justify your working hours and also the standard and overtime pay rate which is basically one of the main purposes of this template. What is good about this template is that you will not have that much of the problem calculating for your standard and overtime pay rate because the template is in excel and functions with a formula. The hours of your work you input will be automatically calculated to the equivalent pay you deserve for your work. This template will surely help you get the organized information to make your job easier and worth it.

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