Free Training Sign In Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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If you’re a gym instructor or a person handling an event for a mass gym training, then you’re going to need one of our free training sign-in template. It’s a very practical document or form in which you can keep track of all the people who promised to go to your event and actually went through it. This is very helpful in having a contemporary and constant list of people you can contact in the near future if you want to host another event.

With this free training sign-in template, you’ll be a professional handling the least of pressures when checking the attendance of many people. It’s a good thing to have in your hand when you’re meeting new individuals, because you might be inviting them again in the future once more.

Training Sign In Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Training Sign In Template


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The training sign-in template is actually very simple in its design and form; it’s not made to look aesthetically pleasing to the eye but rather easy on the vision. This is mostly because it’s made for practical reasons and assets, where it’ll be easy to add in a person’s name and contact information. Documents such as these are often found at the front desk before the entrance of the training course, so that the people coming in won’t have trouble signing in their names. On the template itself, everything has been clearly specified, such as the name of the training, the date of when the training should start, the date of when the training should end, the place or location, the name of the instructor, and the start alongside the end time. With this information, you won’t lose track of all the important information and this should be very accurate as well for the benefit of the customers.

There’s only a single sheet made for this training sign-in template. Everything has already been laid out with all of its entirety on the front page. Therefore, nobody should have any trouble signing their names for the training itself and the details regarding when the event should start and end can be clearly seen by the people coming and going. There’s a table to where people will be able to list all of their names by column. There are sub-columns on top of the table as well, such as the name, the time they arrived, their signature and their email or phone number. Some people might ask why there’s a need to add in contact information. Well, the exact purpose for this so that you’ll be able to contact them in the near future if you ever have more training courses set up that might play well with their best interests. The list can be as long as you want it to be, because there aren’t any setbacks when it comes to the people arriving to the said event. With this template, not only will you look very professional and organized but you’ll be practicing discipline and neatness with the way you handle a huge number of crowd. This template is the key for those people to come back to your training courses, which is what you want in this kind of business or event.

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