Free Travel Budget Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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Have you booked a flight straight out of your country? Or are you hoping to spend your vacation with a special someone overseas? With plans like that, you’re going to need to learn to budget your money well and in order for you to do that, you must try out our free travel budget template, which is easy, efficient and effective to cater through with your needs.

The free travel budget template is a good way for you to practice your skills in managing a tight budget, especially when you’re in a country full of many things that you can explore and buy on your way home. With this template, you won’t have any regrets about thinking through your budget plan first things first.

Travel Budget Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Travel Budget Template


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The travel budget template is a simple, easy-to-read and single sheet document in which you add in all the details regarding your plans to when you’re already in vacation or on a special business trip. This is highly important, because without a proper plan in which you can follow through, you might not have enough money left when you get back home. It’s also a way to manage irresponsibility when it comes to budget plans and activities you might plan to do when you’re there. Now, there are a few examples to what you might spend, such as accommodation and meals, transportation, sightseeing and activities, and other things. This is highlighted in the budget plan, where you’ll be able to follow through with how you plan to spend every single penny of your budget. Now, there are also a list of details concerning the trip itself. The details include what country you’re going to, what specific city you’ll be staying in, the start of the travel, the end of the travel, the total trip, whether or not you’re going to need a visa, your travel insurance, air ticket booking, hotel booking, the total budget, the total expense and the difference between your expense and budget.

In this travel budget template, it’s been split into four parts which is the accommodation and meals, transportation, sightseeing and activities, and other things. These are mostly the things you’re going to spend when you’re away on such a trip with a tight budget so it will help if you’ll list down all of your actual expenses so that you’ll be able to see the description of what you’ve purchased while you were there. This is very helpful, especially in the cases where you don’t have that much of a capital in the first place. Now in every subsection of the categories are four basic parts, which are the description, the quantity, the unit price, and the amount. Also, once you’ve listed down every single detail of what you’ve spent on your trip then a small bar graph will be seen at the top of the table. Through this graph, you’ll be able to see your expenses through a colorful chart that also shows the percentage per spending.

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