Free Wedding Checklist Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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There are a lot of things happening behind a wedding, which can be the cause of stress for everybody out there. There are too many details and things that simply cannot be handled by a wedding planner without the proper documents. However, with our free wedding checklist template, your burdens will be lessened considerably.

This free wedding checklist template is something that can easily help you keep track of the things you have to do via a checklist and all the things you have to do are categorized into various categories.

Wedding Checklist Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Wedding Checklist Template


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The wedding checklist template is an absolute necessity when it comes to wedding planners and the like. Because who’s going to be bombarded with many paperworks? Who’s going to be swamped with dates and names and needs of the bride and groom? Who’s going to be handling all the activities and events leading up to the SAVE THE DATE reminder stuck in their heads? You, the wedding planner, of course. Now, being a wedding planner is such an honorable field of ambition to have because you’ll be planning the wedding of people’s dreams. If you want to be a better, wedding planner, however, you’re going to need our template. It will surely help decrease any unnecessary headache when it comes to the cakes, the dresses, the guest lists and etc. It’s a helpful way to keep track of your progress, your performance and your productivity when it comes to the exciting event. This template is a checklist meant solely for the purpose of making wedding even brighter and more vibrant.

Now we all know how tiring it is to plan a wedding, if the movies have shown us anything relevant. There are many factors and categories that you have to take note of and all of these categories have their individual list of things that you have to take care of immediately or within due time. In the wedding checklist template, you’ll find the name of the wedding at the very top so make sure that it’s memorable and suits the incoming event perfectly. Below that will be the details topics, which shows the different topics such as Apparel, Stationary, Reception, Rehearsal Dinner, Ceremony, Flowers, Photography/Videography, Miscellaneous, Gifts and Favors, Rings, Honeymoon. There’s also a separate list meant for the statuses of these said details. See? All of these things must be taken care of, which is one of the reasons why you have this checklist in the first place. No worries. With this template, you’ll be checking things off your list within the blink of your eye.

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