Free Wedding Guest List Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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Planning a wedding is a tough, especially when it comes to all the details and people that you have to keep track of. There are plenty of wedding related templates out there in the internet but for now, we offer to you the free wedding guest list template which basically helps simplify the process in tracking the people going to your wedding.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the one getting married or if you’re just the wedding planner. This free wedding guest list template will still help you out, because the format is so basic and easy to understand.

Wedding Guest List Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Wedding Guest List Template


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The wedding guest list template has two corresponding sheets that relate with each other, especially in terms of details and names. Now the first thing you have to do above anything else is to make sure that you input all the necessary details about the wedding on the top corner of the template. That way, not only will you be thoroughly reminded of the SAVE THE DATE reminder in your head but you can also keep track of how much time you have left before the list needs to be filled up. Through this information box, you’ll see that you have the name the wedding first. When it comes to this, you either have to approach the bride and groom if you’re their designated wedding planner. Make the name count above all else. The next thing you have to keep in check are the wedding date and the number of people all in all. Now this part is just an overview of the whole thing, so you’ll be able to see the people who will be attending, who will not be attending and the total guests.

The next thing you’ll see on the wedding guest list template is the entire fully detail oriented table regarding all the guests that will be attending the wedding. Its structure makes it easier for you to keep track of these people. Now the table has many categories which you have to take note of, like the rank of that person, their name, who invited them (the groom or the bride), the relation to the happy couple, the address of that said individual, their phone number, when the invitation was sent and if the invitation was sent, if they were confirmed to be going or not and lastly, if they want to stay. Now these details might seem unnecessary for the next person but it totally isn’t. Because through this details and the table holding such, you’ll be able to keep track of the number of people who are expected to go through this wedding and who are expected not to. It’s also a simple way for the happy couple to be able to keep track of the friends and family that will attend. Lastly, there is a detailed list on the second sheet that gives you more details. All in all, this template is a great and innovative way of being able to lessen the burden of wedding problems.

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