Free Weekly Status Report Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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As a worker, there is always a need to provide a status report because your boss would always want a clear and simple summary of what is going on with their businesses. Oftentimes, they demand for weekly status reports. Making a weekly status report might be an average task but it still takes your time, and this is why we give you an effective, free weekly status report template.

The team manager usually gathers and compiles all the activities done in a week. We know that creating a weekly report might be another burden for you. Diminish the workload by using a free weekly status report template that requires you a small effort and shorter time.

Weekly Status Report Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Weekly Status Report Template


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When you are asked to provide a status updates about the running projects in the week, you should not worry because we provide you weekly status report template you can always use. This ready-made template has a very effective and efficient structure. It has a clear and simple design that makes you create a summary your bosses want. You need to know that weekly status report must be concise and simple to read. It does not necessarily need a lot of details and data, so you need to provide a bird’s eye view of the activities you have done in a week. However, even if it is a summary, you also need to make sure that all relevant information are provided in your weekly status report such as the details that determine what remains to be completed and also the further updates of the tasks. It might look easy but making a weekly summary reportmight be a challenging task for you. This template is very apt to use in your office and just takes you a couple of minutes to make an entire summary of your week’s activities.

This weekly status report template is in Excel and it provides a very convenient way of changing the values and elements. Unlike Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, Excel provides a good sight for each element and data. Because values are contained in their cells, you are more guided and it makes you more organized, making data easy to analyze. The template has the significant elements for each day of the week like the names assigned for the tasks, the task’ description and even gives a room for comments that your bosses might need to read for further details. This also provides you a very efficient way of assigning statuses for each day’s tasks – whether it unresolved, in progress, resolved or completed. All you need to do is click the arrow bar and assign the daily task’s status. Aside from this feature, this template provides you an automatic, simple, but clear summary of the status for each day. It automatically sums up and gives a concise summary number of the statuses.

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