Free Weekly To Do List Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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People are really busy most of the time. They often have to get through the day after working for several hours, studying for a few minutes, walking around and getting to other places, making plans for the next few days and other things that can largely consume their time based on the things that they know they can’t put off. That’s why most people often find a paper that will be able to help them list down the things that they have to do, which is why we highly recommend our free weekly to do list template.

Through our free weekly to do list template, not only will you be able to help yourself get through a messy schedule or through a disorganized routine but it will also help you out in terms of knowing and learning how to properly plan for the next few weeks, since you’ve already done what you need to do the previous week and etc..

Weekly To Do List Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets



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Now the weekly to do list template is possibly one of the most important and advantageous templates you can ever have, especially if you’re the type of person who likes to list things down accordingly to their importance and also according to the jobs that they have to do immediately as well. The template itself is fairly simple in its structure and format, mostly because it’s supposed to be a simple template in the first place as well. There are no need for numbers and such. All you need to do is to pick a day of the week, since that’s the whole purpose of this template in the first place, and add in details of what you’re going to do on that specific date. You might’ve also noticed that on the right side of the template, you’ll be able to see three boxes which correspond accordingly to the year, the month and the week. You can start using this template at the very first part of the week or you can even use this template in the middle of the year. The structure isn’t as strict as all the other templates and that’s why most people would really want to use one of these in their very own homes.

You’re also going to notice that most of the space that’s going to be taken by the weekly to do list template is the tables which will help you distinguish the different activities that you have to do within the week and within the different days of the week as well. For example, if you have a job interview on Monday, you can simply input ‘Job Interview at 8:00 AM’ or if you wish to visit the doctor for your monthly check-up, you can add in ‘Check-Up at 10:00 AM’ on Friday. There’s even a little note meant at the bottom right of the template which is very helpful in terms of being able to add in more details and descriptions of the things that you’ll have to do within the week. All in all, this document is actually very important in keeping track of the things that you have to do and also in being able to organize all of the stuff that you have to manage for your work or for personal matters.

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