Free Weekly Workout Schedule Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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Ever needed to be so strict with your own workout that you had to berate yourself multiple times for missing out on a couple of sessions? Ever needed to have a basis of time and opportunity to be able to work on that specific date? If you’ve ever had any of these problems in the past before, then no worries because through our free weekly workout schedule template, all of these issues will be forgotten in the past.

By using our free weekly workout schedule template, you are more likely to be able to follow the pattern or the schedule that you’ve set upon yourself. Because when you’re trying diet or you’re following after a tight schedule, then there are going to be times where you might not be able to follow through willingly. That’s why we’ve introduced this template in the first place.

Weekly Workout Schedule Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets



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The first thing you’re going to see in this weekly workout schedule template is a few individual tables which is going to talk about the information about the person using the template in the first place. Now through these information boxes, you’re going to see a lot of things and input a lot of information and details that will help you out in the future because through this document, you’ll be able to achieve the desired weight you want to have. Now the information boxes are going to talk about four main things, which includes the about me section, the goal, the ending and of course the difference between the goal and the ending. In the about me part, you’re going to talk about your gender, your age, your weight in pounds, your height in inches, your BMI, and the result of that BMI. Through the information that you’ve enclosed, you will be able to adjust the workout accordingly to the schedule of your workouts. On the next part, which is the right part of the about me section, you’ll put in details regarding the weight and the height that you want, described in pounds and inches as well. You can even add in your own description and such. The next two information boxes will talk more about the results that have happened overtime. The ending box includes what weight, height, BMI, and result that you’ve achieved at the very end and the difference box talks about how much you needed in order to achieve that goal you truly desired above anything else.

Now below the information boxes of this free weekly workout schedule template, you are also given a schedule in which you’ll be able to add in details and information about the days within the week. Through this template, you’ll be able to thoroughly and fully explain what kind of warm up exercises or what kind of activities or what kind of cool down tips you can use in order to be able to achieve the goal that you’ve been working yourself up for. Now since this is template is used for weekly purposes, it extends from Monday to Sunday. Therefore, this is a very important document to have, especially if you’re the type of person who is unable to follow through just a simple workout routine. You need to be highly strict with yourself and in order to do just that, a template is the best way to go.

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