Free Work Breakdown Structure Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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Everybody working for a huge project needs a sort of basis for their work. Now this is the purpose for our free work breakdown structure template, which will surely help you out whenever you’re in need of a reminder of how the performance of the project should be going along.

Through this free work breakdown structure template, you won’t have any difficulties concerning the schedule or the functions of the categories under the project. Most people who don’t have this structure might not be able to have the same discipline and organization as you do.

Work Breakdown Structure Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Work Breakdown Structure Template


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This work breakdown structure template is needed for most employers or people organizing huge projects or events because it helps to develop the design, the schedule and the requirements of the whole thing. Through this, most people have found that this template is a key part of the project that they’re building because without it, the project itself could’ve possibly been doomed. Discipline and proper organization are one of the key factors to building something out of nothing and that’s why we highly encourage that you partake in this template in order for you to see the results. In that way, not only will you be highly reminded of the things that you’ll do but you will also be encouraged to do things faster in a more efficient way. And it’s simply all because of this template.

Now the work breakdown structure template has a very simple outlook and design. Most people don’t have any trouble working with it at all. Why? Because there are any tables that you have to put really long descriptions all over it, which is something that most people would rather not do in cases where they are either in a hurry or they have a problem with too many details all clogging in one area. This template does not require any of that. Because all you have to see is the small information box at the very top, which talks about the project name, the project manager and the project date, and the flow of the whole project afterwards. Now the information box is a highly important thing because this is the overview of the project itself, where people will be able to know when, who and what the whole template is about. Following after that will be the flowchart. It’s very simple and all you have to do is insert all the major details about the project itself such as the work functions, the deliverable items, work packages and etc. Now when you look at this template, you will be highly reminded of the things that you have to do, of the things you have to acquire and the things that you require, which is a huge asset when it comes to having this template. This is why you must of course have something like this when you’re making a project or building an event that deserves the likes of a template which caters to all of your needed requirements.

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