Free Work Schedule Template for Excel 2007 – 2016

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Everybody needs a schedule to follow through, especially for the employers of certain companies who have a long list of people working for them in their departments. It’s vital to have one of our free work schedule templates because it’s a way to help clear things over.

Sometimes, people find it hard to keep track of the performance of their employees simply because they have no idea what their schedule is. So, to make things easier, we’ve made this free work schedule template in order to fix such problems.

Work Schedule Template

Use for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Work Schedule Template


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This work schedule template is something that all employers should have a list of. Why? Because it’s something that is highly important to have when you’re keeping track of the people who are under your wing. Especially for managers since through this template, you’ll be able to take note of where people are going to be during specific points of the day. It’s a way to help increase the way your mind works since it gives you a sense of control about the work surroundings. Not only that, it will help give you peace of mind because you’ll be able to focus more knowing that all your employees have been evenly distributed to their respective fields of skill. Now how are you going to use this template to good use? Easy. You make sure that every detail concerning the information required at the top, such as department, supervisor and etc. have correct data and then you take note of all the employees working under you and you place them in their position during that specific day.

With this work schedule template, you are given a very simple document which will cater to all the details and needs that you might need in hopes for a good template. The first thing you’ll see will be the title at the very top, closely followed by the name of the company and the major details about the specific department to be handled, the supervisor handling the department, the starting period until the ending period. After that will be the data table meant solely for the details about the employee’s work schedule. Now this is very helpful for you to have because through a certain period, you’ll be able to see the people where these people are going to be if you’re ever in need of their skills or services. The table supplies details and information about the employee name, their respective position or assignment, and the days to be followed that will fall on that specific date. Now it’s very important that you have this template, regardless if you’re an employee or an employer. Because it will give you a basis to where all of these people are going to be and where they’ll end up on Friday or Thursday.

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